Our name 'Osum' is derived from the name of the core that connects the practical and the creative sides of the brain, the 'Corpus Callosum'. Along with a natural sense of curiosity,  both are critical for meaningful design. Truth be know, the real reason we choose it .......it also sounds a little like 'awesome'!

We are a vibrant new 3D design studio based in the UK. Designers with a makers understanding. 

Curiosity is the fuel to our operation. All our exploration and experimentation is driven by a desire to create more engaging, more sustainable & better designed every day objects. 


We aim to bring solutions that are fun, sexy & dynamic while remaining accessible for most purses.


The beautiful simplicity, almost sculptural form of our designs bring affordable function to living & work spaces. By blending hand craft skills with modern volume production techniques, we create high quality designs that showcase the detail & the beauty of material used, resulting in timeless elegant pieces to be cherished for many years to come.


Each design is the accumulation of extensive exploration through behaviour analysis, freehand sketching, CAD, material testing and prototyping. Every stage of the design process is measured against our aim to be ‘Planet Positive’. That is why material sourcing, manufacturing, waste management, distribution and storage are just as significant in our design process as the final solution.


Director/ Designer

Rob’s journey as a designer started back in 1992 when he graduated from a Furniture Design Degree. It was a course with a focus on functional design with the emphasis on volume production. It was here that he started to understand the depth and complexity of furniture design & question why quality design seems to be the reserve of the high end market.

Since graduating, his curiosity has taken him on a creative adventure. He has enjoyed designing commercial interiors & specifying design lead furniture from leading global brands. He has also had the privilege of training under one of The Guild of Master Craftsman’s cabinet makers in a tiny workshop in the depths of Hampshire's beautiful New Forest.


Applying the best qualities he has learnt over this journey, Rob has created Osum Studio to bring to you fresh & original product solutions. Whist being designed for volume production, his unique designs possess a sculptural quality, originality, functionality & elegance.

Correspondence Address:

Osum Studio

Suite 2

11 Balmoral Road


Dorset. BH14 8TJ

Tel: 07812 60 49 40

Email: hello@osumstudio.com

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Registered Office Address:: Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX United Kingdom                                                                                                                                                                                          Company Number: 10818709