paige range

The innovative and unique sculptural form of the Paige Range is the result of the complete rethink of the side & sofa table for those that love to read.

No more piling books high & trying to find your page. The unique chamfered ribs provide a natural place to rest favourite books & magazines, whist marking a specific page. Hovering above the frame is it's transparent glass surface offering a perfect home for a reading light whilst allowing the beauty of the sculptural frame to be revealed.






For those that like to mix traditional reading with technology, an elegant fabric sling is available. Made from 100% pure wool, the sling safely cradles any ipad, kindle or laptop.

Yet, the Paige Range's true DNA is hidden in its modular principles. By simply adding more ribs to poet, index & journal, a full length sofa table can be created to the desired length. (soon to be launched).

The Paige Range of products not only not only challenges preconceptions of flatpack furniture in its aesthetics, it literally rewrites the story of occasional tables found in the bedroom, living room & commercial reception areas.